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Promotion of Natural and Cultural Values: Open Class

In the framework of the government project for the first 100 days on ``Promotion on development sustainable environment and natural and cultural sources in MPA Sazani - Karaburuni - Orikumi``, UNDP MCPAs project organized in collaboration with Ministry of Environment some activities and interventions in the area to improve and increase the ecological integrity of this area, a useful, traditional and sustainable usage of natural resources, ecosystems and specific historical values. All this objectives were planned and intended to be achieved through involvement of local institutions and community on management and administration process of MPA Karaburun-Sazani. Through this activity, UNDP and MoE promote sustainable development of the environment and natural and cultural resources in the MCPA "Karaburun - Sazan" and adjacent buffer area through joint interventions with the local community in order to strengthen the ecological integrity coastal zone, improving the lives of residents, traditional and sustainable use of natural resources, ecotourism and cultural and historical values.

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Nov 01, 2013
from 10:40 AM to 03:40 PM



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