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Study visit of Vlora RAPA to Prespa NP

the UNDP MCPA projecorganized a study visit in Prespa NP premises for the Vlora Regional Office of NAPA which manages and monitors Karaburun-Sazan MNP, with the main purpose better knowledge with more advanced management and monitoring practices in a protected areas...

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Nov 24, 2015 11:10 AM to
Nov 26, 2015 11:10 AM


Prespa NP


1. Nexhip Hysolakoj AdZM
2. Florian Rustemi AdZM
3. Gani Vangjeli AdZM
4. Saimir Brahimi AdZM
5. Tatjana Mehillaj AdZM
6. Artan Jazo ranger
7. Xhelo Lazemetaj‎ ranger
8. Florant Begotaraj ranger
9. Jani Kushta ranger

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Description of the activity

In the framework of capacity raising activities for Karaburun- Sazan MNP administration staff, the project organized a study visit in Prespa NP premises for the regional Office of NAPA which manages and monitors Karaburun-Sazan MNP. The purpose of this visit is the introduction with more advanced management and monitoring practices in a protected area.  Specifically, the management and monitoring dedicated staff will be introduced with managerial aspects of Prespa NP work, with the monitoring process and park administration approach in the context of institutional collaboration with local government organs and local community.  This visit follows similar activities organized by the project for raising the management and monitoring capacities of the staff assigned to marine national park management. In the meantime this visit will serve for establishing cooperation bridges by exchanging experiences and increasing PA administration abilities in local and national level.

Information  on the activity

Referring to the program, which was prepared in collaboration with Prespe NP administration, the activities mentioned in the following were part of the visit:

a) Visit at the Information Center of Prespa NP

In course of the visit in Prespa NP, KS staff was introduced with the center, its function and the park entrance boundary. Z. Olsi Duma, the monitoring chief, informed on the monitoring and informative process of the park administration. They also discussed about the center function and its role. Vlora NAPA staff was also interested in the park work on monitoring aspects as well as rangers scope of work.

-          Rangers role;

-          Reporting and  findings record;

-          Measures on illegal activities;

-          Community approach and communication.


b) Visit at  Prespa park offices

The Korca regional director Mr. Mihallaq Qirjo, informed Vlora colleagues on the work progress in Prespa Park. He was mainly focused on two essential aspects of work which according to him should be touristic guide and everyday work.

Collaboration with the community: The community communication approach is considered as very important in the everyday work. The followed policy should be characterized by collaboration and coordination of different activities and events. The community participation in consultation and discussions, as well as its role in decision making are essential to a guaranteed success.

  • Management Plan: The implementation of the management plan is very important and it is a significant document where the park administration should base its work.

In the meantime, the management Chief Mr. Vasil Male, made a brief presentation on park importance, steps taken and the important and priority interventions to be undertaken in the park. He highlighted the importance of a good management and collaboration with actors and different projects with the aim of getting the most of material goods and different capacities, logistic and personal as possible.


Visit in the buffer area of Prespa Park

Afterwards a site visit was organized to see the different interventions made in the area by the park administration, mainly in the buffer zone which is facing illegal wood cuttings. The administration has intervened for improvement of the problematic area’ conditions in collaboration with the institutions and donors, having the good understanding of the community as well.

Assessment of the visit by the participants

After the visit completion, Vlora NAPA office completed a questionnaire which was drafted by the Project office.

This questionnaire aims at getting Vlora staff opinion on this visit’ benefits as well as their relevant suggestions.   The results’ summary can be found in the following:

a) Opinion on the visit

Vlora staff had very positive considerations for the visit, as it contributed to knowledge increase and sharing of the most consolidated practices. They highly appreciated the welcome and availability of Prespa Park administration staff.



Vlora visiting staff is of the opinion that this visit met in general all the expectations, but they still need to be introduced with the best similar practices in the area. One of the most highly appreciated aspects of Prespa park administration work was its approach with the local community and administration organization as far as management, monitoring and site interventions are concerned


New knowledge

Vlora staff really appreciates the park monitoring organization and the proper importance rangers give to the community inclusion in their everyday activity considering it as their alley in properly completing the work.  The organization of activities jointly with the community was considered also as of great importance by Vlora visitors. The publication of Prespa park management plan got a positive assessment; they suggested that this practice should be followed for Karaburun Sazan park; the  K-S MP publication as well as other relevant publications will facilitate and assist the administration work in their everyday routine. Another appreciated aspect relates to the interventions undertaken in the park taking into consideration the areas’ needs and the park relevance.


Need for other management practices

Vlora NAPA staff considers as quite positive and necessary such experience sharing events which provide them with better relevant knowledge and best managing and monitoring practices in the country.

To this end, they consider as necessary and propose other activities as in the following:

  • Study visit in  Butrint protected area;
  • Study visit in Shkodra lake;
  • Study visit abroad in a transboundary protected area;
  • Activities which contribute to higher observation and managing capacities.

Vlora NAPA staff was willing to welcome Prespa Park administration for a study visit in the Marine National Park Karaburun-Sazan.

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