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Treasures of 2 Seas - Album

Albania has gone through profound change in the past decades. Economic and civil reforms have been accompanied by rising environmental awareness, understanding and information about conservation of biodiversity habitats. Yet, for Albania marine and coastal environment must no doubt be at the forefront of conservation. With a coastline of some 429 kilometres traversing the country from north to south, Albania has unique wealth and responsibility for conservation of coastal and marine diversity. This album adds to the knowledge in Albania on conservation of marine and coastal values, habitats and species hosted in such areas, as well as the role and impacts of communities, interest groups and planning authorities in the development stages and urgent environmental challenges facing Albanian marine habitats and Protected Areas. It focuses on Marine Protected Area of Karaburun - Sazani which is home to some of Europe’s most diverse and treasured marine natural resources. The purpose is to tell a story of the marine habitats in this site, of how these marine habitats interact with terrestrial areas, and how land and sea speak to one another in conserving the rich natural life. The story is told through pictures, photographs that capture the natural water and terrestrial environment. The photographic story is based on the science but it is intended to be informative and showcase the very rich marine biodiversity of the Karaburun – Sazani area. The album reveals aspects of marine biodiversity, of terrestrial protected areas and of seascapes that should allow the viewer to imagine better ways of managing protected areas.

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