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In Blue - Marine and Coastal Protected Areas

Even Albania is a small country, it is distinguished for its rich biological and landscape diversity. The presence and combination of a high diversity of ecosystems and habitats, creates ideal conditions for hosting and maintaining a large number of flora and fauna species, which include endemic and sub-endemic. There are identified at the moment more than 3,200 species of vascular plants (approximately 30% of all European flora), 800 fungi, 520 mollusks, 313 taxa of fish, 323 birds, 36 reptiles and 70 mammals, as well as 27 endemic and 160 sub-endemic species of vascular plants. There are annually met around 70 waterfowl and waterbird species in the coastal lagoons and large lakes inside the country, especially for wintering migratory birds, with a total population of 180,000 individuals during the winter. Albania is an important migration route for migratory species of wild fauna. The brochure represent herewith, contributes to promotion of biodiversity, cultural and historical heritage, education, tourism activities, particularly for the marine and coastal protected areas (MCPA). It will improve and facilitate information, communication and knowledge sharing nationally on those areas, signifying a passport for the designated protected areas in Albania with the main characteristics and bio-data for the following areas: • Buna River - Velipoje Protected Landscape • Kune-Vain Tale Managed Nature Reserve • Patok-Fushekuqe Managed Nature Reserve • Rrushkull Managed Nature Reserve • Divjaka-Karavasta National Park • Pishe-Poro Managed Nature Reserve • Vjosa-Narta Protected Landscape • Karaburun-Sazan National Marine Park • Karaburun Managed Nature Reserve • Llogora National Park • Butrint National Park • Porto Palermo Managed Nature Marine Reserve (proposed)

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